You're a Mark Knopfler or Dire Straits fan who recorded or filmed some nice
stuff into VHS, DV video or other format? You'd like watching it again on your TV
and enjoy it as a professional DVD ?

Now we can help you by doing the transfer, video editing and source improving,
and finally putting your video on a very nice and easily-navigate
DVD-R that you could enjoy in your home DVD player.

If you you send us your videos, we'll send it back to you on DVD which means :

  • you'll get your video on digital disc so you can watch it a thousands time whithout destroying the source ;

  • your original source will be improved thanks to our filter software and sound will be remastered ;

  • you can enjoy it as a professinal DVD with some very well designed menus ;

  • and of course confidentiality : your video will not appear on this site if you don't want it.

Just contact us, and will be very pleased to work with you. Thank you.